Receive your funds within 24 hours of applying with us. We provide loans up to £20,000 for up to 12 months.


All we require from you is our completed application form and a copy of your last 3 months business bank statements.


If you repay your loan early we reduce the total fee you pay back. If you need a top-up we can help with that too.


We have flexible repayment options tailored to your business. Choose from daily, weekly or monthly instalments on your business loan.

what we are about

Welcome to LITTLE BUSINESS LOANS. Little Business Loans believe that small businesses are the backbone of the economy.


We offer a unique loan service to small limited companies, providing a solution to your short-term working capital and cash flow issues.


Small limited companies are finding it increasingly difficult to source short-term funds from banks and other third parties. Little Business Loans have simplified this process, making it quick and easy to obtain a short-term loan.


In addition, most companies do not provide short-term loans under £5,000. We provide loans up to £20,000 for up to 12 months.


Businesses funded through Little Business Loans


Over £3 million in funds borrowed

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Below is how our loan process works.

To apply for a Little Business Loan all we require is for you to complete our simple application form. Once we have received the application a loan manager will make contact to ask for a copy of your last 3 months business bank statements. We can then process your loan application and aim to have a decision within 24 hours.


Once a loan application has been approved we arrange an appointment time for one of our loan managers to meet with you at the business trading address. We complete the paperwork for you and list the business assets we are using as security against the loan. The loan appointment takes approximately 30 minutes.

During the appointment the loan manager will pre-authorise your business debit card for repayments on the loan. We offer daily, weekly or monthly repayments to suit your business needs. We then transfer the loan funds within 1 hour of the loan manager leaving the appointment. These will be available in your account straight away.

Why choose LBL

You have probably heard the old adage that you have to spend money to make money, and it’s true. If you want your business to grow, you have to be able to invest in the expenses of growth.


While taking on debt can seem scary for small business owners, a business loan from LBL can help you finance changes in your business that can result in a high return on your investment.



Simply fill in our quick application form and one of our dedicated loan managers will make contact within 3 business hours. 

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