Case Studies

Our Customers

At Little Business Loans we assess each application individually and aim to tailor a business loan to meet the needs of the company.

We have given a few examples below of the types of customers Little Business Loans work with, and how we were able to support the companies.

  • Hair Salon

    Borrowed £5,000 over 6 months. Needed funding to help with a new product line they were about to launch. The client chose daily repayments on the loan, to help with their cash flow.

  • Accountants

    Borrowed £5,000 over 12 months. Needed help paying a VAT bill. Borrowed the money over 12 months to reduce the repayment amounts.

  • Jewellers

    Borrowed £10,000 over 6 months. Required funding to purchase new inventory. Chose weekly repayments on the loan to tie in with their card terminal payments.

  • Wine Bar

    Borrowed £7,500 over 9 months. Needed help with their cash flow and to help with marketing. Originally borrowed £5,000 but had a £2,500 top up loan after 3 months of repayments.

  • Clothing Store

    Borrowed £3,000 over 6 months.Had an opportunity to purchase some cheap out-of-season stock. Decided to opt for daily repayments as they would be easier to manage in repaying the loan.

  • Engineering

    Borrowed £5,00 over 3 months. Needed a quick turn around with the loan to help pay wages. Repaid the loan early, and saved on the fees, as a large invoice came in and had some spare funds.

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