How It Works

3 simple steps to get funding from Little Business Loans

Apply Today

Register with LBL in under 5 minutes. Complete the application form online by clicking HERE or by telephone on 0121 246 1821. Once the registration has been completed we will confirm with you a date and time for an appointment to discuss your business loan.

Meet with LBL Loan Manager

One of our friendly LBL agents will meet with you to complete all the paperwork for you during your meeting. Once the paperwork has been signed your loan is approved and funds will be transferred.

Receive Funds Within 30 Minutes

Once approved your funds are transferred into your business bank account within 30 minutes. We will notify you by email to let you know your funds are on their way.

Applying for a loan or overdraft facility with your business bank can be a lengthy and time-consuming process, from the documents banks require to the meetings and acceptance process. If accepted, it can take weeks for the money to be cleared into your account with arrangement fees of around £180.00 payable on top of the interest you are charged.


Little Business Loans has simplified this process making it quick and easy to obtain a short-term loan. Funds can be transferred to you within 24 hours of making your application.


Unlike other business loan lenders, Little Business Loans can do this because we secure the loan against your business assets.


What happens to the business assets? Nothing! We let you keep them and use them as you normally would (subject to repayment).
Why do we do this? As we have your assets as security we can lend you the money more quickly and easily, with less stringent credit checks and paperwork than those required by banks and other companies.

Who can apply for a Little Business Loan?

The company must be registered in England & Wales.

Each Director of the business must be over 21 years of age and a resident in the UK, with access to the main business bank account. The business must also have a business debit card attached to the main business bank account.

The business must have sufficient funds to cover the repayments.

In addition, the business must have sufficient assets to be secured against the loan.

The main applicant must also provide a personal guarantee.